BREAKFAST   Kayak Navigation, Inland and Coastal Navigation, kayaking gift certificates,Kavu backpack and $50 gift card   $287.00
BREAKFAST   Marine Sanitation case of marine toilet paper   $54.00
BREAKFAST   Seaview Haulout and Pressure wash up to 50’   $500.00
BREAKFAST   Ballard Sails rigging and rig inspection, 2 hats, T-shirt   $350.00
BREAKFAST   Ulman Sails gear bag, Windworks sailing capri racing, Patagonia scarf, rigging knife, bottle of wine   $385.00
BREAKFAST   Doyle sails 1 hour of sail repair $90, paracord dog leashes and collars, dog toys and treats   $200.00
EARLYBIRD   Haul out up to $45 ft Dunatos   $400.00
EARLYBIRD   Man Crate (2) pint glasses, Owl n Thistle (2) $25 gift cards, northsail bags, Ballard sails hat and shirt, Box of peppermint bark, (2) 2 day lift ticket for Summit   $345.00
EARLYBIRD   S3 Maritime - Sailboat rig inspection   $200.00
EARLYBIRD   Schattauer Sails - $100 towards a new sail or sail repair, Eagle Harbor Public House $100 gift certifcate, Ballard Sails hat   $220.00
EARLYBIRD   Learn to Row Session at Lake Washington Rowing Center   $120.00
EARLYBIRD   KAM gear 0 12 embroidered baseball caps and a bottle of wine   $315.00
EVENING   Kuuma gas grill,Georgetown brewery gift card, sweatshirt, hat, Schattauer hat, Manny’s hat   $235.00
EVENING   Seattle Yacht Club - 1 week junior sailing class or 2 sessions of adult sailing classes   $450.00
EVENING   Arebellas  2 night, two wine glasses, bottle wine, Glassy Babies   $285.00
EVENING   Elliott Bay Marina-$50 anything at fuel dock, 1 night guest moorage, $25 Maggie’s Bluff, $100 Palisades,Builders Hardware Front door entry set Schlage   $450.00
EVENING   Barkley Sound sail bag, hand hooked The Sailing Foundation throw rug,Starbucks Collection whole bean, travel mug, drip thru mug, $50 Walters ice cream and coffee, Three Sheets hat   $370.00
EVENING   Limback Lumber gift certificate,2 free massages, bottle of wine, north sail grocery tote   $250.00
EVENING   "Majestic Bay 4 movie passes, $35 Maritime Pacific, 2 Tshirts, 2 pint glasses,Sew Salty - $200 gift certificate for sewing and repair work "   $350.00
EVENING   Seaview Haulout and Pressure wash up to 50’   $500.00
EVENING   Northwest Rigging - new dock lines ($100), Ballard sails 10% off coupon   $400.00
EVENING   Doyle sails 20% off   $600.00
EVENING   Northwest Rigging for rig inspection   $250.00
EVENING   Barkley Sound bags - 3 bags any style made from your old sail   $450.00
EVENING   CSR Marine package - haul out and block, 50% bottom pain, pressure washing, three free lay days up to 36’   $1,100.00
EVENING   Sterling marine free hull cleaning and 20% off additional service; Fisheries gift cert   $200.00
EVENING   PSS Shaft seal up to 1 1/2”   $360.00
EVENING   Smart Plug, System 3 resin, Three Sheets hat   $200.00
EVENING   Doyle sails - 2 hours of sail repair, Three sheets hat   $200.00
EVENING   Mercer Store University Village (2) nautical shirt and  (2) shorts size S (can exchange), 2 Harrison and Pike bracelets,The Lhamans in Eagle Harbor - overnight mooring, gourmet pizza dinner 6-8 people, and breakfast   $440.00
EVENING   Seahawk Paints - bottom paint (2) coats up to 50’   $800.00
EVENING   S3 Maritime - Sailboat rig inspection   $200.00
EVENING   Sail Sand Point unlimited season pass $200   $200.00
EVENING   Ulman Sails gear bag, Scott’s Trophy (your boat on a mug), Dockside 3 mo mailbox rental, bottle of wine,$200 gift certificate for ski tuning and 2 ballard sails hats   $425.00
EVENING   R2AK Ruckus VIP package for 5 people -drinks for 10, tour, 2nd row at the skippers meeting, bottle of wine   $200.00
EVENING   Northwest Maritime Center 5 day pass to 2017 Wooden Boat Festival   $200.00
EVENING   Prism $200 gift certificate   $200.00