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Commodore Words

Wow!  Another summer of racing has been accomplished.  I am in awe of both our current board members as well as all the volunteers that offered their assistance all summer long to put on these events.  We could not have done any of this without you.  I have met some of the most amazing people out on the water this summer.  You are inspiring! Our Race Committee took advantage of every race to help coach and train new folks for committee boats.  I cannot thank you all enough and for our current Race Chair, Mark Jackson, spearheading those efforts.

We have another great team heading up the J and J race this weekend.  Board member, Charlie O’Hern, is in charge of this event and we want to thank member, Jeremy Boynes, and his crew for stepping up to be the committee boat.  There have been folks wanting to crew boats for this event so if you are wanting to race, please contact us so we can help set you up with crew.  We look forward to seeing you after the race at the Sloop to exchange stories over a few pints.  Trophies start at 7pm….at the Sloop…this coming Sunday…be there…they are expecting us.

I want to thank member, Will Sugg, for spearheading the Boy Scout cruise this weekend to Blake Island.  I hear we have about 6 boats so far signed up to bring scouts and their leaders over.  I wish I could be there for that one, but I am sure pictures will be posted.  I encourage those of you not involved with the J and J race to head over to Blake Island for the night Saturday.  It's always a great time!

We have a few great events scheduled before the year end so make sure to check often for updates on those.  It really does take a tribe of folks to pull off successful events.  I know we all tend to get intimidated volunteering on a board or for events as we all are so very limited on time to begin with.  We worry about the time sucking of these efforts so we tend to stay away.  Trust me when I say that it really is easy to volunteer for this club.  It is not rocket science, and it is a lot of fun.  We have a fantastic bunch of fun personalities on the STYC Board right now.  REALLY FUN!

If you have not noticed, we are short on Board Members this year.  A few folks needed to drop out due to a variety of personal reasons, and we are actively seeking people who want to be part of something great.  A board position really does not require a lot of time and energy.  It really doesn’t.  Those of us that serve on the board are really just people being of service to the membership….the reason we are all here.  We share a common interest and want to carry the history forward….responsibly.  This club is special.  Again, it’s not rocket science but it does take a village to make these events happen successfully.  We cannot have the same people putting on the same events over and over.  

I have met so many members that have some awesome skillsets that can make this club outstanding.  We need you!  So this is a call to action for those members sitting on the fence and wondering how to get better involved.  This is also a call to those of you that have never once considered getting involved.  Come to a board meeting. Meet up with us at one of the monthly social events we will be doing this Fall.  Take a chance and join a committee boat even if you think you will be bored…it is not boring.  Reach out to me and ask how you can get involved.  Love the Holidays?  We do too.  The Holiday party is around the corner and we need volunteers for planning this event to make it something special.  Even just a couple hours a month helps.

I encourage you all to reach out to me and any other board member and help us out.  I do want to thank the following current board members for everything they have done so far this year:  Tammy Walker, Ken Chin, Eric Finn, Bob Foulds, Dana Brooks, Mark Jackson, Charlie O’Hern, Carol Pearl, Barbara Endresen, Ron Ernst, and Damon Darley.  Some of them have gone far above the call of duty for sure.  Dan Randolph and Lance Staughton have been instrumental with member PHRF ratings and also deserve a shout out.  Much thanks to you all.  To the rest of you, I look forward to hearing from you.  Don't be shy.

Shannon Renner

Commodore, STYC

s/v Fandango

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