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Commodore Words


Happy Holidays!

Well, the holidays are finally here. Can't believe how fast this year went by.  Thanks to everyone who has made this year another successful one.  This year your Board was without 5 members.  That is a lot of extra work that other board members had to pick up to make all the events go smoothly.  These folks deserve everyone's thanks when you see them.  I cannot thank them enough for their efforts!

​I wanted to remind everyone to attend this year's Christmas Party!  It will be held December 9th at the Ballard VFW.  We have tried to find other venues but none seem to work as well as the VFW as far as location and budget.  Plus it is just a dang great cause to collaborate with.  So we are back to this location and we are in the Aloha spirit for the holidays!  We have a surfer band, a caterer with an authentic tropical-style menu and, of course, plenty of beer and wine for all!  Stay tuned for more info on this event in the coming weeks but mark your calendars!  DECEMBER 9th!!

Board Elections are also being held at the Christmas party and we are still seeking a Vice Commodore!  I know being a Commodore of a Yacht Club is on everyone's bucket list, and I would love to have someone to work alongside with me next year.  A year without a vice commodore is just too long, in my opinion.  I just want to let those of you who might be thinking about this position know that it is NOT a full time job by any means.  It is a pretty easy job, it is fun, you get to meet a lot of awesome people, and you would be working with an amazing group of talented and passionate board members to boot!  Don't let it scare you!

​If being a Commodore is NOT on your bucket list, how about filling in as a general board position?  Or maybe a fleet captain position is more your style?  What about an event coordinator or a membership coordinator or a volunteer coordinator?  Essentially, whatever you want to help this magnificent organization with....we want you!  Your skills and enthusiasm will only add value to this special club.  Please contact me...don't be shy.  

​Lastly, for those of you that have not met our newest Board member, Marcellina, please welcome her when you get a chance.  STYC finally has an social media guru to help get our awesomeness out to the masses!  And she does it so well!  But....she wants to hear from you.  So send her pictures, stories of adventure, STYC trivia.  We need newsletter and website and social media content from you.  And in case you do not know the difference between a hashtag and a pound sign....she can help you with that also!  Welcome Aboard, Marcellina!

​Stay tuned for additional details on the trophies update at the Sloop!  Your board members, Tammy Walker, Charles O'Hern and Bob Foulds are making sure that we will be up to date on winners on all trophies.   It will be awesome!

Shannon Renner

​Commodore, STYC



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