2015 - 2016 Commodore Words

  Dick Roberts
has passed away, Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dick was a long time supporter of the club, and served as our
Race Committee Chair for many years. He will be missed.

Sail on Dick

Sloop Tavern Boats in 48 North's Top 25 Boats of 2014
4th Jerry DiercksDelirium
9th James GerosLast Tango
12thKen ChinKowloon
13thLance StaughtonBat Out Of Hell
14thDan RandolphNefarious
17thPaul WalchenbachMata Hari
19thCharles HillDifferent Drummer
25thPat DenneyHere & Now

2013 - 2014 Commodore Words

2011 - 2012 Commodore Words

2009 - 2010 Commodore Words

Mary Roberts, sister of Dick Roberts and dear friend of STYC passed away on Wednesday morning, August 11, after battling leukemia and a series of strokes since May. Mary was an active member of STYC for many years. She served as Treasurer and helped out with RC duty, club mailings, benefit regatta support, and many other club activities. Mary was an incredible lady and STYC will remember her always.
Blue Lightning Cruise to Mexico
Dry Sailing from Coast to Coast
Sloop Tavern Boats in 48 North's Top 25 Boats of 2008
2nd Ben Braden More Uff Da
6th Patrick Denney Here and Now
7th Dan Randolph Runner
10th Ken Chin Kowloon
15th Nate Creitz Three Ring Circus
18th Mike Schiltz Money Shot
20th Scott Burbank Rock On

2008 Commodore Words

Sloop Tavern Boats in 48 North's Top 25 Boats of 2007
7th Nate Creitz's Three Ring Circus
11th Bill Stange's Tuesday
18th Stuart Farrell's Tryst
22th Arne Hammer's Norn

2007 Commodore Words

The Thanksgiving Snooze and Cruise ended up being a huge success. In attendance was Blues Power, Whiskey Run, Kowloon, Spice, Kirk Utters Boat (I don't know its name) and our guest Thumper. After finding out that Kingston Marina was reserved the group ended up spending Friday and Saturday night in Poulsbo enjoying the marina, shops and local bars to watch the weekends football games. The real excitement started late Saturday night when the seasons low tides had many of the sailboats in the marina out of the water or leaning on the docks, Whiskey Run included. But in true Sloop fashion we just went to the bar and waited for the water to float our boats again before we hit the bunks. Perfect weather and a truly fun group.
Over the weekend we all talked about the confusion on getting a last minute cruise together via second hand sources. We decided we needed an email group that people could opt-in to and have the ability to email everyone about what's going on, or questions they may have. So, here it is below, the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club Sailors yahoo email group. Please send this out and invite anyone to become a member and enjoy hanging out with the STYC sailors out on the water.

Just click on this link below and join the group!
          2007 Foul Weather Bluff
Nate brings home the hardware again!!!

The New PHRF protocol is Dead!!!
The directors and handicappers of PHRF-NW have voted to immediately cease implementation of the "new" protocol.
See www.phrf-nw.org

Sloop Tavern Boats in 48 North's Top 25 Boats of 2006
7th Bill Stange's Tuesday
24th Ken Chin's Kowloon

STYC at the Moore 24 Nationals